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"The real cost of being taken for a ride"

Just arrived in a new city and don't know where everything is.

So how much should that taxi journey really cost?

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A Little Bit of History.........

The idea for yourA2B came about whilst backpacking around India last year. India is a fantastic country through which you can travel vast distances by train. Imagine arriving in a new city late at night at the railway station and having no real idea of how far away your hotel is, or how much a taxi or autorickshaw might cost. So wouldn't it be great if I had an app where I could just type in where I am and where I would like to get to.

Plus whether I want to travel by taxi or local transport(autorickshaw / tuktuk) and up pops on my device the route I might take and information about fares from other travellers who have taken a similar ride. Great

Then I thought, this won't really work as only a few travellers would use it. Then I thought again and spoke with other people who said things like. "What if I was travelling to London and had to get a taxi, I would have no clue how much that might cost. The app would still be really useful"

So to cut a long story short, after I returned home and in between other projects yourA2B was born